Nachhaltiger Tourismus in Deutschland (english version)

Sustainable Tourism in Germany

- demand of ecotourism and sustainable traveling in Germany

- 104 nature parks and 15 biosphere reserves in Germany

- about 160 touristic destinations which test the possibilities of renewable energies in the touristic industry

- reliable seals of ecotourism in Germany

Die Blaue Schwalbe and Viabono


Blaue Schwalbe (blue swallow)

Blaue Schwalbe is an ecological certificate which certifies lodgings pays particular attention to regional and seasonal catering of the accomodation many certified hotels can be found in regions that are easily accessible by public



Viabono GmbH is a travel agency with the intention to promote sustainable tourism Viabono certifies, just like the Blaue Schwalbe, tourist lodgings by paying attention to their CO2, H2O and material consumption the purchase of food from fair trade is obligatory