Dancing in Lippstadt - presentation of a local dance school

Dancing in our school in Lippstadt – Presentation of a dance school The Latvian school we have gotten to know – Jaunpils vidusskola – is a school with many different subjects. Two of the main focusses besides the scholastic ones are music and dance. Every child in every class learns to dance and presents these dances and other things, such as poems or songs, in front of others: e.g. Mother’s Day concert or the end of the school year concert, which we took place as the German delegation as well. One can clearly see that these two topics are visible in every day school life. This is very different from our German school and surely very different from most of our schools. Music is an official subject and taught in most of the years and also – when chosen – in the A-levels. Dance on the other hand is not really a part of any of our subjects. If the pupils want to learn to dance, they need to find a dance school or rather a dance studio, where they can take different courses: ballet dance, jazz dance, hip hop dance, ballroom dancing etc. There are town and cities which have folkdance groups, who also participate in meetings and conventions all over the world. In school, however there is no lesson based on really learning about this certain kind of music or dance. In order to prepare for the meeting in Latvia, we signed up at a dance school to get special training in a traditional German folkdance. Neitzke is a dance school in Lippstadt which addresses everyone: there are courses for children, teens, adults and senior citizens. You can choose from a large variety of dance styles, for example Ballet, Hip-Hop, Zumba, Tango, Salsa or Discofox. Some lessons are for couples only, others are especially for singles. On the weekends, dancing parties which can be visited by everyone who wants to dance take place. You can check out their website: www.tanzstudio-neitzke.de. It is also possible to take one or more lessons for a group. And that was what we decided to do as preparation for our Erasmus+ meeting in Latvia. With the help of a friendly teacher we learned to dance parts of Polka and the German folk dance Rheinländer. And as you can see in the pictures, we really enjoyed the lesson and were quite successful! Take a look at the pictures and the video we uploaded a couple of months ago!


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