Die Entwicklung des deutschen Tourimus und der wirtschaftliche Einfluss

Tourism in Germany

Since the football world cup in 2006 more and more tourists have visited Germany from all over the world. The number of tourists is constantly increasing. Most tourists come from the Netherlands, Switzerland, the US, the UK, Austria, Italy, France, Denmark, Belgium and Spain. 2015 was a record year as 72,7 Million tourists came from abroad to Germany. Destinies are for example lake and river landscapes, mountains, coasts and islands and above all historic cities. Popular sights are Cologne cathedral, Neuschwanstein Castle, the Reichtagsbuilding and the Oktoberfest. 

General facts

Germans travel far more than ever before („Reiseweltmeister“)


- the available income rose up to the septuple and more (since 1950)

- a lot more days of holiday (1950: 12 days; 2000:27 days)

- different means of transport → more options where to travel


A look into the past – the 1950s

- the car became the most used means of transportation (before: motorcycle)

- to travel by air was uncommon; 1955 first flight by Lufthansa

- holiday destinations: the coast of Germany (general travelling in Germany) and people were dreaming of Italy

- 24% of the Germans traveled once a year 15% traveled abroad and 85% in Germany

- technical advance in the course of time cars were cheaper and faster flights were cheaper and more flights were offered

- in 1950 a ticket to New York cost 3.500 Mark (=77% of the average income) in 1990 a ticket to New York cost 600 Mark (= only 1,2% of the income)

- travelling became more and more popular in the 1960s 47% of the people who travelled by air went to Palma de Mallorca

- Spain is still one of the most popular destinations

in the 1970s

- for the first time more people traveled abroad than in Germany 

- in 2010 the production of goods and services tourists in Germany consume generated a gross value added of 97.0 billion euros generated employment for 2.9 million people (= 7.0 % of all employed people in Germany)

- the total contribution of tourism to gross value added in Germany increased to 214.1 billion euros t

- he total contribution of tourism to employment in Germany was 12.0 % (= 4.9 million people)