Tanzen im Unterricht - a lesson plan in English

Basic information:

This is a plan for two double periods (appr. 2 x 90 minutes) for pupils in Year 8 (13 to 14 years old). Our curriculum does not include the topic “dance” – this way our pupils (especially the boys) are a bit shy concerning dancing and presenting a dance in public or rather in front of their peers. The basic start will be to watch dance videos and to think about how the steps look like. The next step is to learn the steps shown in the videos, which they will also have to teach to the other groups. This means that there are two big groups (a modern dance group and a traditional dance group) and these groups will be split into smaller groups of 3 or 4. Although these lessons are set for two periods á 90 minutes, the pupils will only have 75 minutes of “real” lesson time as they need to change before and after class (all together 15 minutes)


The main goal of this short sequence is on the one hand to gain knowledge about dances (some steps) and to teach them to another group. On the other hand, the goal is to become active and practically learn the dances.

Room and material:

This sequence should be held in the gym as the pupils need space to move around. The theoretical part can be worked on the floor or on the benches. They need to bring a pen and paper. The teacher supplies the group with the video material to learn the steps (or in the case of hip hop dancing a few steps) of the two dances as well as the music needed.

Laptops and videos:




Hip Hop dance moves:



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